IMO is an excellent resource for managing your inventory with ease, but don’t take our word for it. Here's what one of our clients with over 17,000 square feet of store and over 10,000 different products has to say:


Tweeds Storefront

At Tweeds you don’t go just to look at furniture. You go to experience an indoor adventure. You will delight at the unique craftsmanship and variety of the furnishings and relish the creative presentation and ambience.

As the owner, it is my responsibility to maintain our high standards of display and merchandising of inventory items. It is also my responsibility to know exactly what items are in inventory, where those items came from and how much they cost. Neither are simple tasks. Until 2003, I closed my store for several days each year and spent many hours with many employees, pencil, paper and eraser in hand, manually counting every item in the store. This inevitably lead to the painstaking process of searching through invoices and catalogs for the wholesale value to assign each item that was counted. The end result was always the same; days of lost revenues, increased payroll, and ultimately inaccurate inventory figures.

I knew I would have to make some changes if I wanted to continue growing my business. Inventory Manager Online allowed me to do that. Now I can identify any item in my store with just a few clicks on the computer. I count my inventory with far fewer employees, much less time and far greater accuracy. Inventory Manager Online saves me at least $6,000.00 per year in lost revenues as well as $1,000.00 per year in payroll expense. I have saved both time and money by using Inventory Manager Online and I highly recommend it to other growing businesses.

Tanner Coy, Owner