Inventory Manager Online

An inexpensive web-based inventory system for your growing business.

  • Track Inventory
  • Import and Export Data
  • Generate Sales Reports
  • Monitor the Bottom Line
  • Integrated Data Collector

System Overview

Authotrans Inventory Manager Online (IMO) system designed to facilitate the efficient inventory operations of small, medium, and large merchants. The software has been tested in fast paced retail environments for 5 years prior to being introduced to the public. IMO is guaranteed to help merchants more effectively track, verify, and report on their inventory assets. IMO’s data collector and barcode scanner are warranted to give merchants a scene of ongoing support. These products have been tested and selected for their durability and manufacturing specifications.

Keep your inventory organized, know where your products are stored when you need them. No matter how large or small your products are, IMO can help you get a handle of your stock and materials. Track sales to identify your most popular products.


Import and Export Data

A Unitech data collector comes packaged with IMO to make the process of capturing your existing products easy. Plus, with IMO, you have control to import and export your inventory data to use as you see fit. IMO also has the option to keep track of daily sales and readjust inventory counts by adding the Voyager Inventory Scanner.

Real-time Financial Feedback

Keep track of your bottom line in real-time with IMO's financial stats instantly calculating total inventory cost, net profit, margins, and year-to-date revenue.

Hassle Free Interface

IMO is not cluttered with obfuscated metrics you would never use, instead it has been designed to be friendly and accomodating to take the confusion out of your daily operation. Take a peek in our virtual tour.

Enhance Existing POS

If you already have an inventory program IMO can help you with your inventory counts every year. With IMO you can collect your inventory, calculate all like UPS codes automatically and come up with exact inventory counts prior to uploading new numbers into your existing inventory system. IMO intuitively eliminates mistakes.

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